Docteur Virgile Amiot

Médecine du sport

CHR Orléans la source 45000



Docteur Eric Lespessailles

Institut de Prévention et de Recherche sur l’Ostéoporose

Service de Rhumatologie - CHR Orléans - La Source

Responsable Commission Recherche & Enseignement du CHR Orléans

Directeur Equipe d'Accueil Université d'Orléans EA 4708 - I3MTO

IPROS - CHR Orléans - Hôpital Porte Madeleine

Université de YALEBUGA en Russie

Volkova Kadriya

Candidate of Philology, docent Faculty of Physical Training / Department of Physical Training. Teaching experience since 2008 y.

champion of junior Europe and junior world champion in powerlifting in 2009. 2nd place at the European Women Championship Powerlifting 2010


Razzhivin Oleg

candidate of Pedagogical, docent Faculty of Physical Training / Department of Physical Training. Teaching experience since1993 y.

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The history of Elabuga Institute dates back to 1898 when the honoury citizen G.F. Stakheyeva donated money for the foundation of Eparchy School for girls in the town of Yelabuga. In 1918 the Eparchy school was turned into Teachers Seminary and in later years has been developing as Pedagogic Courses, Teachers Training School, Teachers Training Institute, State Pedagogic Institute, State Pedagogic University.

Affiliated with Kazan Federal University on February 2, it opened a new page in its history.

Today the Institute has 10 faculties and 20 departments, involving the activity of the scientific library, 7 museums, the biological station and more than 20 laboratories. The premises include 5 academic buildings, 3 hostels, the students’ holiday camp and other objects.

The teaching process and the research activity are ensured by the staff of more than 250 teachers including Honoured Scientists and teachers with other professional awards.

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