Student at the high school holy Solange in the Indre, Bénédicte Le Panse will obtain a literary high school diploma before studying in the CREPS(REGIONAL CENTER FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION) of Toulouse where she(it) will obtain her(its) diploma of State of Sports teacher of first degree then the second degree a few years later in the CREPS(REGIONAL CENTER FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION) of Dijon where she(it) will be trained(formed) by Alain Lacheze. While pursuing his career(quarry) of in force athletic top athlete in the shade(shadow) of the media Bénédicte Le Panse will continue his studies to the University of Orléans. She(it) will stand out(go out again) from it in 2006 with a doctorate in physiology.

She(It) gave then courts(courses,prices,yards) of physiology and nutrition within numerous schools but will abandon(give up) finally the stage of the amphitheater(lecture hall) of Orléans to settle down in Paris where she(it) bases(establishes) her(its) own training institution, Bandages It Academy, to share his(her,its) theoretical and practical knowledge of the training and the physiology. At the same time(in parallel), she(it) establishes food programs individualized and very personalized resting on highly-rated scientific of her(its) studies but also her(its) personal experience of top athlete and it is true with numerous personalities: politicians, actors, and panel diversified by high-level sportsmen

Bénédicte Le Panse will start the athletic strength within the circle weightlifter of Châteauroux, then it will be laid off(dismissed) during its studies in the circle Michelet of Orléans, to join then the club of Isle-Adam. She(it) is laid off(dismissed) since then in Reims Haltérophilie Musculation situated at the heart of Reims and is followed by David Baechler, a weightlifter, member(limb) of the French team of bobsleigh and the General Secretary of the ' French Federation weightlifting body-building forces athletic and body-building.

After a career of high-level gymnast during 12 years ( 1984-1996 ), she added the performances in Powerlifting with 22 champion's titles of France and a record of lifted by weight with a total of 412,5 kg in the class less than 47 kg and 425 kg in less 52 kg.

Powerlifting Performances




Category Open-Elite

France :  22 France champion's titles


Europe : 28 Europ Medals

                    9 vice Europ champion's Titles (2013, 2009 ,2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1998),


World :    15 World Medals

                    2  vice world champion's titles in 2000 and 2008

                       World Champion Squat in 2009

                  32 international Selection

                    2 participations in the World Games :

                                 2013 in Colombia (425 kg, classified 8th)

                                 2009 to Taiwan (407,5 kg, classified 8th)




Class Squat Bench Press Deadlift  Total
47 kg 160 kg 97,5 kg 160 kg 412,5 kg
52 kg 165 kg 100 kg 162,5 kg 425 kg

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