Bénédicte Le Panse’s method is the fruit of a rich course of study. She began her career studying physiology, following 20 years in powerlifting. She direct her researches to the long lasting loss of weight, without constraints and without frustrations. Every diet realized is individualized and personalized.

After several years of constant development, the LE PANSE’s method by Bénédicte Le Panse has widely proved its efficacy beside various subjects: VIP, politicians, high-level sportsmen.



Sponsors of Le Panse Method


Automne Pavia

Sportswoman competitor

Sport : judo

Prize List :

- 3rd Olympics Games  London 2012,

- Champion Europ 2014,

- 3rd World Games 2014

"I follow with rigour the method of Bucket which can combine its human side perfectly, professional and rational in so much, that itself, high level athlete and doctor in Physiology. Regularly above weight it is successfully that I apply his advices during the preparations of my great expiries: championship of Europe and the World.

There is absolutely nothing complicated: we must do the opposite of what we do regularly athlete, that is to say, eat and not be confined to limit foods with the approach of races to weight . The dynamism of Bene, professionalism will provide you with realistic values ​​best results, and be fit until the big day"

"Human and very close to me, I continue to follow his advice to the next Olympic Games Rio 2016!"

French Version

Russian Version

Valerie Karsenti

French Actress

David Baechler

Coach bobsleigh Team Olympics Games

5 France champion's titles in weightlifting and  classified 23rd bobsleigh Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, Sochi

"As an athlete and coach I have observed both sides of the two beneficial method of Benedict, first as an athlete since daily workouts combined with weeks of work, seeking the body, but arrived in training "fresh" and without a bit tired  is a beneficial asset. From the point of view of the coach is also interesting to quantify and very accurately the daily intake for a performer sitting on a cycle, with the athlete to train and see a different trend taking feeding into account.

Everyone around him says to eat, but what to eat, myself, having received a single food education and without excess, I say be novice

In exploring the complex world of physiology and the benefits or not of food on our bodies. Operating in two disciplines weight categories: Weightlifting (individual) and Bobsleigh (crew weight), we applied all diet rebalancing that has enabled us to meet the various deadlines without restriction, without being either exhausted by the plans the past.

Bénédicte tamed this particular approach, adjusting for each day the perfect ratio. I am very happy to have implemented this method and I encourage all athletes of all levels to know both their workout schedule that their food is coming ..."

David Brecourt

French Actor

"It was a few years I had questions about my lifestyle. How to find my balance? Between my job, my sport, and my diet? My girlfriend, actress Alexandra Sarramona, a student at The Academy Panse, told me about Benedict.


I never imagined that by meeting Bénédicte pretty little lady could lift up to 425 kg in total in powerlifting.


Benedict, you found the solution to my diet rebalancing !!! You've managed to combine my physical activity to my theatrical competitions!


Challenge successful, many thanks to you Bénédicte! Long live the Le Panse Method !!!!!"

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